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3.06sAw, Homie. Dont let it get you down.
2.9sSo Mr. Burns doesnt take you seriously.
2.26sBig whoop. Who gives a doodle?
1.66sWhoopee ding dong do!
2.94sThanks for trying, but I'll be at Moe’s.
2.3sSo my husband goes to a bar every night.
1.97sWhoop-de-do. Who gives a bibble?
1.3sGabba gabba hey.
4.1sI gave Mr. Burns the best years of my life...
2.47sand how much respect does he give me?
1.47sSlim to bupkes.
1.97sWho’s this Burns guy? Somebody you work with?
3.7sMoe, weve been complaining about him every night for eight years.
3.53sWell, ifthis guy's riding your rump, why dont you slap him some payback?
2.56sRevenge? On Mr. Burns?