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2.2sPaleosexologists tell us that-
1.87sWhat the hell are you doing?
0sHomer, are you already oiled?
3.3sThree coats.
3.66sThat oil was for the entire class.
2.56sHomer, take this quarter, call your mother...
2.23sand tell her you’re never going to be a stripper.
1.8sArent you gonna chuckle?
2.16sThere's nothing to chuckle about.
2.66sOh, nobody loves oily Homer.
1.63sHmm. Hmm.
1.76sMmm! Mm-hmm.
2.37sYou there! Yeah, the greasy, naked, bald man.
1.63sYou know everything about mel
3.46sWhat would you say if I offered you the secret of true success?
1.93sWipe me down and sign me up!