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2.76sUh, if you say so, sir.
2.43sUh, excuse me. Do you know where I can buy some, uh-
1.73sDrugs? Everything is drugs!
2.3sBanana made of drugs, monkey made of drugs.
1.76sLook, all market made of drugs.
1sI'd like to buy this.
1.16sOnly American money.
1.76sOur money is made of drugs.
2.03sTo make this plant economically viable...
2.23syouve gotta lay off 112 people.
3.3sIf you dont patch the leak in cooling tower two, you will go to jail.
2.09sOh, I need a vacation!
1.9sThis is your vacation.
0sCant I water-ski a little bit?
2.97sHomer, I'll go over the year-end profit forecast...
2.56s- if youll stop looking at my boobs. - No deal.
2.56sI got a gold star at school today...
3.03sfor my expose on toxins in gold-star adhesive.
3.09sThat's great, honey. Hold it up to the camera.