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1.52sPeter, I'm holding melons.
0.8sAnd her hooters ain't bad either!
1.43sNow hang on a second there!
2.22sPeter, I'm holding hooters.
1.43sNo problem.
1.25sYour wife's hoT!
2sThat's it! Lois, Your singing days are over.
2.32sFor god's sake. If I wanted to marry Lola Falana, I would have.
3.45sLook, Lola. This whole thing is just going way too fast for me.
1.8sFor the last time, I'm not Lola!
1.48sI'm Leslie Uggams!
3.07sPeter, having me sing was your idea in the first place.
2.22sHey, I just wanted to keep my bar.
3.07sI built that thing so my friends would come to see me, not you.
2.74sIs that so? Let me tell you something.
1.13sI love singing!
1.95sAnd I will continue to sing! And...
3.1sHow dare you upset me this close to showtime!
1.67sHey, Watch where you're going, buddy.
2.72sGriffin, I got a bone to pick with you.
1.87sWhoah. Listen, I don't want any more trouble.
3.09sThanks to your wife my husband hasn't been home all week!
2.53sThat singing hussy is destroying our marriages!
1.52sYeah, then do something about it.