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1.9sIt was absolutely amazing.
1.7sThe second that spotlight hit me,
1.8sI became a whole different person!
1.67sSilence, you contemptible shrew!
2.77sOh, I bet your gums are still sore.
1.7sYou're so observant, aren't you?
1.53sAre you a detective?
1.87sYes, my gums are sore!
1.05sEnough of this!
1.63sI must complete my time machine,
2smove time forward, and end this agony!
0.78sHey, Dad.
2.47sMom says she was really on last night.
1.43sYeah. About that.
2.37sLois, see, the guys were just being polite.
2.19sThey thought your singing was too...
2.57sI was just nervous. Tonight'll be better.
1.2sTonight? Honey,
2.05sI don't think anyone's gonna come back tonight.
1.74sgimme, Gimme, gimme, gimme