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4.69sYou oughta know for haven't I told you so? Ok, guys. Thank you.
1.27sYou can stop pretending now.
1.15sAll right!
9.23sIf there is some other way to prove that I love you I swear I don't know how Sing it, baby. Breaking my heart.
1.53sSomething troubling you, Peter?
3.15sNothing. Just all my friends are eye-humping my wife.
4.8sYou'll never know if you don't know now
2.63sWonderful! Wow!
1.9sIt was absolutely amazing.
1.7sThe second that spotlight hit me,
1.8sI became a whole different person!
1.67sSilence, you contemptible shrew!
2.77sOh, I bet your gums are still sore.
1.7sYou're so observant, aren't you?