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2.53sYou are spectacular!
1.83sChris, what are you doing here?
2.63sSorry, Mom. I'm gonna need to see some I.D.
1.92sChris, go to your room!
1sHello, Mother.
4.55sCare to partake in one of your oh-so-exhilarating games of peekaboo?
2.85sOh, my God! My baby is drunk!
1.12sNo, I'm not!
1.75sHim. Yeah. He's a real lightweight.
2.77sMeg, take Stewie upstairs.
2.53sShow me the way to go home Everybody!
2.67sI'm tired and I want to go to bed Just the women!
2sPeter, in the 17 years that we've been married
1.7sI have never been as angry as I...
2.03sWhat is my piano doing down here?
2.9sIt was supposed to be a clam cake buffet, but...
1.15sNever mind.
1sThat does it, Peter.
2.13sEither this bar goes or I do!
3.67sLois, honEy, I haven't even told you the other reason your piano's down here.
2.92sI wanted you to play it.