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2.24sPeter, you are in the zone.
3.65sHey, honey, You know those little clam cakes you make whenever we have company?
1.63sI need about a dozen.
1.84sActually, better make it like 600.
1.98sThat's it, Peter! I'm not a servant.
2.74sAnd I'm through taking care of you and your bar buddies!
3.54sJeez. Where the hell did that come from?
2.8sWatch the kids. I'm taking a hot bath.
2.54sPut me down, you blunderbuss!
2.02sHe's a little cranky from teething.
1.5sAh, I can fix that.
1.23sGood God, man!
3.9sOne can only imagine what foul regions that finger has erstwhile probed!
1.35sThere you go.
1.93sMy mother used to use whiskey whenever I had a toothache.
1.54sMy tooth hurts!
1.93sThere. How's that feel?
1.53sWell, it-it's...
1.47sIt's delightful.