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2.3sAll you gotta do is gut it, clean it, scale it, and cook it.
1.93sPeter, I spent all morning cleaning up the house.
2.9sAnd in 5 seconds, you turn it into low tide at the pier.
2.67sJeez. I'm sorry, honey. I'd help you clean it up.
2.47sBut you know how lousy I am with housework.
1.7sRemember when I tried doing the laundry?
1.88sLet's see. Shirts, pants...
1.97sH-hey, I'm missing another sock.
2.04sWelcome to Narnia. I'm Mr. Tumnus.
2.8sGive me back my sock, you goat bastard!
2.07sYou're right. It's better if I do it.
2.97sAh! Damn it to the bowels of bloody hell!
2.37sThe baby's up. Can you get him?
1.89sOk. I hope he doesn't need changing.
2.04sI'm a little gun-shy after what happened last time.
1.47sNo, you imbecile!
1.87sThat's not talc! That's paprika! Aah!
1.05sTake that!
2.13sAll right, I'll do that, too!
2.3sCan you at least take Chris to his game?
4.85sJeez, Lois. I spent all morning on a boat with my friends drinking beer, telling jokes, and screwing around.
1.47sHow about a little me time?