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1.55sOh, man. This is the life.
3.47sHand me another one of them Pawtucket Patriots.
2.6sGuys, I want to say a toast to you,
2.29sQuagmire, Cleveland...
2.5sYeah. If you guys were beers,
2.18sI would drink every one of you.
2.79sAnd I wish you were because we're out.
4.64sThat's funny. That's even more humorous than that joke you told us last night.
3.85sOk, so a Jewish guy and a Chinese guy walk into a bar, right?
1.48sWait a second.
2.77sJewish guy and a Chinese guy walk into a bar.
2.25sAnd there's a naked priest sitting there. And he...
1.35sOh, sorry, Father.
1.2sNo, I've heard them all.
2.05sOh, Look at the time.
3.94sI promised Loretta I was gonna trim the hedges and be tender with her.
1.12sBelieve me, Cleveland.
2.1sOur wives need some time off as much as we do.
3.9sThis is when Lois does all those little things that women like to do.