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2.2sVery well then, I order you to kill me at once!
1.98sHoney, I know you're hurting.
2.47sBut Mommy has to clean up the house, all right?
0.78sNo, it's not all right!
1.5sFor the love of God, shake me!
1.67sShake me like a British nanny!
1.55sOh, man. This is the life.
3.47sHand me another one of them Pawtucket Patriots.
2.6sGuys, I want to say a toast to you,
2.29sQuagmire, Cleveland...
2.5sYeah. If you guys were beers,
2.18sI would drink every one of you.
2.79sAnd I wish you were because we're out.
4.64sThat's funny. That's even more humorous than that joke you told us last night.
3.85sOk, so a Jewish guy and a Chinese guy walk into a bar, right?