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1.77sHold up the picture. Let's see.
1.5sNo! Nothing to see here.
2.69sHow cute. It's a time machine!
1.43sNo! It's a...
1.69sBlast, what the devil do children draw?
1.32sIt's a pheasant!
2.5sA time machine. Sure. Here's where the flux capacitor goes.
2.04sI can't wait to build one of these of my own.
2.84sI'll not stand idly by while you abrogate my plans.
1.88sYou shall rue this day.
2.44sGo on! Start ruing!
3.57sBye-bye, Stewie. Mommy will be upstairs to kiss you good night.
1.37sBurn in hell!
2.39sHell. Hell has fire.
1.97sAnd you know what else?
3.4sIt's got steam heat
1.35sI got
1.28ssteam heat
1.33sI got
1.8ssteam heat