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2.15sBend it? I can't even lift it.
4.25sWhich is weird, seeing as how my daddy was a forklift.
4sWow. Bender is really committed to his new Jethrovian identity.
1.32sIf y'all are finished,
3.4sI'll drive y'all back to town in the old clunker.
3.04sSo, y'all flew here in a spacey ship?
2.69sStop talking like that! You live on the Moon!
3.27sIf that is Bender, I guess he's just happier in his new life.
2.55sI refuse to believe anyone is happy!
3.72sMr. West, would you mind if I examined your brain?
3.7sExamine? Heck, if you can find it, you can keep it.
8.23s(SQUAWKING) Gadzooks! Bender's hard drive no longer contains any of his old memories!
4.74sWhen the Feds bumpkinized him, they completely wiped out his old identity!