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1.57sYes, Moon-Pa?
4.3sThese nice big-city hillbillies are looking for someone named Bender.
1.38sYou know him?
3.05sNope. He ain't any of the eight people I ever met.
1.6sBender, it's us, your friends.
2.55sYou can drop the hillbilly moron act.
1.97sSorry, mister, but I'm no Bender.
1.95sI'm just a simple farmer.
1.68sName's Billy West.
1.92s(LAUGHS) Billy West?
2.25sWhat a stupid, phony, made-up name.
4.57sYou city folk are probably hungry from premarital sex and flag-burning.
1.93sY'all wanna stay for supper?
3.5sWell, my boyfriend and I were going to have sex on a burning flag,
1.6sbut I could have a bite.
4.6sMay I present my beautiful robot wife, the Crushinator.
2.47sShe's serving up the dinner and the charm.
1.94sMashed chicken, Mr. Fry?
2.75sSo, Billy, where were you born?