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1.83sAll right, Amy, you win!
1.67sThe mob did it.
3.12sI saw the whole thing while also having hot sex with the Donbot's daughter.
3.85s(SOBBING) I'm scared and great at sex.
5.19sBender, you need to go to the police and tell them a tastefully edited version of what you just said.
2.32sWhat, and have the Mafia come after me, too?
3.42sNo way. This secret goes to my grave.
6.36sThe Bureau is offering anyone with information about this gangland-style clamping a $50 reward.
1.08sBENDER: Ooh! Ooh!
4.02sAnd then Calculon said, "No, no. No!"
2.4sAnd then I ate some excellent meatballs.
1.63sCan I have my 50 bucks now?
3.27sI enjoyed your story, especially the tasteful love scene,
2.27sbut it's not enough to convict the Donbot.
3.2sYou'll have to testify in open court.
1.7sNo, no.
1.6sCan I have another $50?
0.97sNo. No?