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1.08sALL: To Bender!
2.02sYou pizza's gonna be another minute.
2.54sWe still waiting for it to be delivered.
3.92sI'm no Bender. You got me mixed up with another robot.
1.97s(GROANS) You're probably right.
2.15sI don't really remember what he looks like.
2.1sGuys, guys, it's me, Bender.
2.4s(ALL GASP) He's alive!
3.9sSo that Moon hillbilly who got murdered was just an innocent husband and father.
2.12s(ALL CHEER)
3.13sBender, old 'bot, the Mafia thinks you're dead.
2.17sYou can come back to work with us.
1.53sI'm back, baby!
1.13sPizza's here.
2.29sI'll just cut that...
2.43sYou do, and I'll (BLEEP)-ing gut you like a fish.