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2.22sHuh ? Oh, uh, oh, yes.
1.93sHomer and Marge Simpson.
3.54sOh, and these must be Bart, Lisa and, uh, Expecting.
2.94sUh, the card needs to be updated, sir.
4.09sWell, uh, that's okay. The baby's name isn't important. Let's go, Marge.
2.92sRed hots ! Get your red hots here !
2.7sPeanuts ! Peanuts !
2.1sOh, wow !
4.27sThere's Flash Baylor ! I gotta get his autograph. He used to be a star.
0.4sHey, Flash, will you sign my ball ?
3.65sLousy, washed-up, broken-down tub of guts.
2.39sWho does he think he is, anyway ?
0.53sWhat's the matter, boy ?
1.87sHe wouldn't sign my ball.
2sWell, he's a fine role model.
2.75sBart, give me that ball.