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2.35sAh, the Gammells. Good to see you.
4.22sYou're an inspiration to all of us in waste management, sir.
4.9sWell, take your mind off contaminants for one night and have a hot dog.
0.43sPut a little smile on his card, Smithers.
1.98sAlready there, sir.
3.95sIt's the Simpsons, sir. Well, if it isn't the Simps.
2.95sUh, i-it's the Simpsons, sir.
2.22sHuh ? Oh, uh, oh, yes.
1.93sHomer and Marge Simpson.
3.54sOh, and these must be Bart, Lisa and, uh, Expecting.
2.94sUh, the card needs to be updated, sir.
4.09sWell, uh, that's okay. The baby's name isn't important. Let's go, Marge.
2.92sRed hots ! Get your red hots here !