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3.97sHey, Mr. Showmanship, the owner wants to see you in his office right now.
2.27sI'm sorry, young man. You're just not ready.
3.17sPick up your check at the front office, and for God's sake, put some clothes on !
2.17sI guess it's back to good old Springfield.
3.44sBut I can't go back, not after I've seen the bright lights of Capital City.
2.8sI'll wither and die like a hothouse flower.
2.23sStop it, you two. And don't look too down.
2.27sI'm sure this is hard enough for your father.
4.65sWhat a family.
3.07sMy wife and kids stood by me.
2.17sOn the way home I realized how little that helped.
3.44sSo that's it. The costume's buried now.
4.74sAs my son would say, I'm one sad, apelike dude.
0.3sWow !
0.97sWow !
0.33sWhat a saga !
3.1sHey, you guys are hangin' on my every word.
3.5s- I've become the center of attention. - Yeah, it's riveting.
0.4sTell it again, Homer.
4.4sI wonder why stories of degradation and humiliation make you more popular.