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1.93sMmm, let's see.
2.7sUpper-upper-upper mezzanine.
4.1sHmm. Well, these must be ours.
0.31sThese seats stink.
3.66sI'd think the players' wives would be closer to the action.
2.77sActually, this section is for the players' ex-wives.
3.74sAnd then I found out that all the while there was this bimbo in Kansas City.
1.9sThrow at his head !
1.74sWho'd have thought it ?
3.9sA free ticket to a big-league park, but I was too tense to enjoy the game.
3.1sEvery ounce of concentration I possessed was focused on the task at hand.
2.27sRed hots ! Get your red hots here !
1.97sMmm. Red hots.
2.94sLadies and gentlemen, Capital City's newest sensation,
3.07sDancin' Homer !