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1.3sOh, screw you!
1.49sAll right, Brian, this one's for you.
4.56s"What naturally occurring element has the highest melting point ofall metals?"
1.24sSorry, tungsten.
1.26sDumb ass. My turn. What do you got?
3.44sOkay, here we go. "What color is a fire truck?"
1.76sOh, God, I always get these.
2.06sOkay, all right, fire truck.
4.49sFire truck, fire truck, fire truck, fire truck, what color are those red fire trucks?
2.49sOh, God, I can picture them now, all red and everything.
2.3sThat's right, Peter, they are red.
1.19sLois, what are you doing?
2.63sI switched Peter's questions to the pre-school edition.
1.47sJust to let him have his moment.
3.8sGood thing I just watched that National Geographic special on fire trucks.
3.56sNARRATOR: A solitary killer, the fire truck stalks its prey.