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2.3sYou did? Well, how interesting.
3.8sAnd, do you see the culprit or culprits in this courtroom today?
1.16sYou do?
3.7sWell, would you kindly point him or them out for this court?
1.83sDon't point at me, you jackass!
2.73sWell, if there's nothing further, I hereby sentence--
2.59sWait, wait, wait. Your Honor, there is something further.
2.2sLook, I know I screwed up big time.
2.26sBut I only did it so I could get my kids back.
0.97sI love them.
2.43sAnd I think it's a bum rap that just because I'm retarded...
1.47sthat makes me an unfit parent.
2.8sThere are plenty of unfit parents out there who aren't retarded...
1.13sbut they get to keep their kids.
3.77sBing Crosby, Joan Crawford. I think the Ramseys still got one left.
3.16sI just want them back, Your Honor, and you're the only one who can help me.
0.99sWhat do you say?