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2.07s"I.C. Wiener"?
2.33sOh, crud.
2.27s- I don't understand. - Yes, you do.
2.3sYou came back in time to knock me into that freezer.
2.17sAnd now, I came back in time to stop you.
3.05sI did not come back in time. My people lack that ability.
3.35sBut I know you in the future. I-i cleaned your poop.
3.69sQuite possible. We live long and are celebrated poopers.
2.64sYou will meet me when I'm a thousand years older.
2.59sNot if you don't freeze me.
3.95sPlease. Our sages foresee that in a thousand years,
3.59sfor one moment, the fate of the universe will depend on you.
3.9sSince you will not live that long, I must freeze you now.
2.14sWell, why couldn't you just ask me?
1.73sWe were afraid you would refuse.
2.17sOf course not. I love the future.