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3.85sAw. Let's let those kids skate with us.
3.22sWhat, seriously? I'm tryin' to impress you with my clout here.
1.8sI know, and it's working.
2.73sBut think how much skating would mean to those kids.
2.57sWe came here instead of eating today.
3.39sThis might be their only chance to skate here their whole lives.
2.08sWho are we to say they can't?
1.74sThe mayor's aide... and his badge.
3.35sBeat it, kids! Come back when you got connections!
2.63sAll right, little ones. Back to the orphanarium.
3.74sYou can slide around the gym in your socks. What socks?
3.74sSo, am I gonna get lucky tonight or what?
1.94sI hope your calculations are correct.
4.14sOur calculations are always correct, for we are gigantic brains.
3.32sInitiate space/time transfer!