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1.8sHey, hey! What the hell, man?
4.87sDrink beer much? (LAUGHS) I just learned that "much" thing from the telly.
2.59sHey, here's a question. When are you going back to the ocean?
2.47sYeah. I mean, don't you have family back there?
2.25sI used to, but not anymore.
3.47sUm, the wife won't have me back. Threw me out, actually.
1.69sWell, maybe you should talk to her.
3.17sPeter, believe me. If she'd take me back, I'd go in a second.
3.64sBut she won't. So as much as I love her, moot point.
1.42sMoving on.
4.14s(CLEARS THROAT) Well, gotta go and drain the eel.
2.62sIt's electric. (LAUGHING) My penis.
1.6sHey. Throw darts much?
4.75s(LAUGHING) Boy, I see what you're saying, Peter. Billy's annoying.
2.6sYeah, and PS, that guy doesn't throw darts much.
1.18sHe's new.
2.89sPeter, I thought you said you were gonna ask Billy to leave.