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1.17sI'm gonna ask one more question,
1.1sand don't take this the wrong way,
1.7sbut have you actually got a penis?
1.1sWhere is it? Where is it?
1.4sIt's in there.
2.4sAre you sure? So it's like Mr. Snuffleupagus, is it?
1.23sAw, the hell with this.
2.07sLois, get the ruler, we're measuring again.
2.5sAnd this time, I decide where the base is.
1.37sSo then I'm reading the funnies,
4.05sand right before I get to the last panel, Billy blurts out, he goes,
2.84s"You know, those firemen showed up to get a cat out of the tree,
2.1s"but it turns out it's really Marmaduke up there."
1.43sIt ruined the whole damn thing!
3.07sPeter, in Billy's defense, the strip is called Marmaduke,
2.37sand Marmaduke had not yet made an appearance.
1.67sYou probably should've seen that coming.
1.18sI tell ya, he was fun at first,
2.9sbut now I'm not sure I can take much more of him living here.
2.48sWell, Peter, you've more than paid back your debt to him.
2.39sI mean, what did he do? He got you a hood ornament.
2.1sIf you ask me, it's time for him to go.
2.28sYeah, you're right. Plus, the sooner we get him out of here,
2.82sthe sooner I can get back to my cocaine and dollhouses.