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4.15s(PANTING) Stewie, what's going on? Aren't you supposed to be at daycare?
2.1sI escaped. What happened to your arm?
5.72sI finally stood up for all of us and told Miss Emily we should be given a proper lunch and not just what's left over from her Baja Fresh.
3.27sAnd she said I shouldn't raise my voice and pulled me really hard into the other room,
1.87sand my arm came out of its socket.
1.08sAre you sure?
2.07sAre you sure you didn't just sleep on it funny?
1.99sDoes this look like I slept on it funny?
1.73sI'm gonna tell Mom. Mom!
1.55sYou are not going anywhere.
1.77sI finally have a date with Miss Emily tomorrow,
3.84sand I'm not gonna let you or anybody else get in my way until I have seen every inch of her naked!
1.33sDo you even hear yourself?
1.65sAnd what am I supposed to do about my arm?
1.33sI'll just pop it back in.
2.6sYou most certainly will not. I need to go to a hospital.
1.97sLOIS: Brian, is Stewie in there with you?
1.8sWe're in here, Lois. He's napping.
2.03sRelax. I'm gonna pop it back in.
1.1sGet in there!
1.4sHold still, Stewie!