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2.5sAnd by the way, I actually think she's doing a pretty good job.
1.73sShe's teaching you guys independence.
3.05sWe're one! Independence means we die!
1.82sDo you like this? I just got it.
1.27sSay you like it,
2.47sor she's gonna spend the rest of the afternoon out returning that stuff.
1.83sLooks great!
2.03sWow, you really fill these things up.
2.72sHey, do you think maybe you'd want to hang out sometime?
1.53sWhat, you mean like a movie or something?
1.43sYeah, or maybe lunch?
2.57sI had a bad experience last time I went to the movies.
1.53sWe're good friends, aren't we, Milo?
1.9sWe're best friends, Otis.
3.04sNo! No! I reject the premise of this!
2.4sThis place seems fun. What is it?
1.27sThis is called a library.
2.9sAnd what's so great about it? (READER SHUSHES) That.
2.1sSee, we just got here, so they can shush us.
3.14sBut now we get to shush anyone who comes in after us.
0.8sHoney, you want to sit here?
1.6s- (SHUSHING) - Good.
1.18s(WHISPERS) That was fun.
1.13sYeah. Now you're gettin' it.