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8.99sSquid pro quo. (CHUCKLES) Thank you for not being shellfish. (GIGGLES) I just said that for the halibut. (LAUGHS) Fish puns.
1.17sOh, cod.
5.07s(LAUGHING) Oh, God, come on. (GRUNTS) Let me in.
1.84sPeter, who is it? Is Meg dead?
2.65sIt's that dolphin. I think he wants to crash here.
1.6sAnd I have no info on Meg.
2.22sHe wants to what? I'm not sure that...
1.55sI brought a gift.
2.37sPut it to your ear. You can hear the ocean.
5.25sCaribbean Queen Now we're sharing the same dream It's broken or something. All I hear is...
5.92sIt's Billy Ocean! (CACKLING) Oh, God! I got loads more.