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2.7sYou remember how you said I'd never amount to nothing?
2.28s(CLINKING) Is that a Mercedes?
1.15sPeter, hang up the phone.
3.74s(DOORBELL RINGING) My God, who could be at the door at this hour?
2.07sI don't know, but this late, it's got to be bad news.
2.7sEveryone knows you always get bad news in the middle of the night.
1.07sWake up, wake up, wake up!
1.03sHuh? What?
1.6s- You have cancer! - What?
2.5sYeah. I thought you should know. Okay, go back to sleep.
1.1sWait, I have questions.
2.94s(SIGHS) It's very late.
2.67sOh, hello. This is the right house. (CHUCKLES) That's good, then.
1.17sWhat the hell?
2.18sIt's me, Billy. Billy Finn.
2.74sJust wanted to take you up on your nice offer from earlier.
2.13s(STAMMERING) What... I don't... What offer?
4.42s(SNICKERS) You know, the bit about "If there's ever anything I can do..."
1.97s- So, yeah. - Oh.
3sYeah, thought I might make a go of it on land.