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1.6sGeez, you're a mess. What is that?
1.53sIt was finger paint day.
2.03sWhat the hell? Why didn't they clean you up before you left?
3.8sBrian, there's, like, 37 other kids in there. One was in a drawer all day.
3.07sWow, seems like Lois would've checked that stuff out before sending you.
1.38sYeah, you'd think so, right?
2.64sI mean, it's clearly not a place of business. It's someone's house.
2.64sYou know, half the time you can hear someone showering.
2.74sI mean, you never see them, but you can hear the shower going.
1.4sReally? That seems weird.
4.94sYeah, and is it normal that Miss Emily tied us all to the sink while she went out to return a birthday present?
1.47sNo, that's not normal at all.
2.3sYou know, Stewie, maybe I should come by tomorrow and check things out.
1.97sThat teacher sounds really irresponsible.