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2.03sBoop-boop-boop boop-boop-boop-boop.
3.04sThat's not Aquaman! Billy, what is going on?
1.23sLet me answer that.
2.9sLook, Joanne, Billy had nothing to do with this.
4.87sIt was just a dumb plan my buddies and I put together because we know how much Billy loves you.
3.87sAnd he misses you very much. Look, just give him another chance.
3.27sAnd if you won't do it for me, do it for Fish Jesus.
1.07sDo you have Fish Jesus?
1.23sOf course.
4.7sHe was nailed to a board and hung in a man's study as a novelty to sing funny songs.
2.37sYour god is a gag gift. Did you know that?
1.9sWould you excuse us?
3.17sIs it true, Billy? Do you really miss me?
2.84sJoanne, I am so sorry. I promise I'll do better.
1sYou know what?
3.6sI had to live on the land to learn there might be a million fish in the sea,
2.04sbut there's only one you.
1.33sOh, Billy.