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1.6sHey. Throw darts much?
4.75s(LAUGHING) Boy, I see what you're saying, Peter. Billy's annoying.
2.6sYeah, and PS, that guy doesn't throw darts much.
1.18sHe's new.
2.89sPeter, I thought you said you were gonna ask Billy to leave.
1.9sHe's still sleeping on the couch out there.
3.3sI know, Lois, but I found out he's only here 'cause his wife kicked him out.
3.07sSo I figured out a way to kill two birds with one stone.
4.74sLike this. (CHIRPING) The key to that, Lois, is big rock, small birds.
3.47sOh, and I also figured out how to achieve two goals with one action.
2.52sSee, I'm gonna help Billy get back together with his wife,
2.2sand then he'll move out and stop annoying us.
1.12sHow do you plan to do that?
2.62sAre you kidding? I'm great at getting people back together.
1.64sI even recorded a song about it.