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1.89sAre you sleeping?
1.53sHuh? No, no. No, I was listening.
2.9sWhat kind of jerk alters time, and then falls asleep?
2.83sLook, I'm sorry, Stewie, but do you think you can fix it?
1.87sWell, it's gonna take a while to rebuild the machine,
2.67sand even longer to recalibrate it for normal time,
2.02sbut I've taken on bigger challenges before.
3.49sI had to explain to America why Heidi Klum broke up with Seal.
2.67sThere, now you've got a fresh new diaper, Stewie.
1.93sWhat are you talking about?
1.3sWhat's going on?
1.55sI think you're getting a diaper change.
2sAh! Get that poop-filled thing away from me.
3sNo! Oh, God, it's cold!
3.14sWhoo! Smells like somebody needs a diaper change.
2.75sDamn right I do! Now, get this turd-filled sack off...