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1.67s- What happened? - I don't know.
2.5sDear God, my time machine!
2.42sYou want to tell me about this?
1.62sSee? I told you. It was Meg.
2.99sI don't think so. The crotch doesn't look like a BMX track.
3.6sYou bastard! You've been using my time machine to nail your bar skanks!
1.67sCome on, they're not all bad.
1.64sYes, I've seen the women you bring home.
2.65sThat stutterer? She was a real prize.
1.42sHow are you enjoying your meal?
4.07s(STUTTERING) Lois, it's delicious.
1.7sFor crying out loud.
1.9sPeter, why are you turning up the heat again?
2.62sLois, this woman is obviously freezing.
3.3sBrian, I want you to tell me exactly what you did to my time machine.
2.39sWell, I didn't want you to find out I'd been using it,
3.45sso I tried turning the chronological gauge backward.
2.24sIt's not designed to go backward, Brian.