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1.38sMeg, where's Stewie?
1.68sStewie? Who's Stewie?
1.73sHere it comes. Push, Mrs. Griffin.
5.14s(GRUNTS) You know what? I take it back, those panties are gonna be in the way.
1.48sOkay, here comes the baby.
1.5sBloody hell!
3.2sIt's a boy. (ALL CHEER) Oh, thank God.
1.92sHe's so beautiful.
2.8sMrs. Griffin, your husband's standing right here.
1.47sWhat should we name him?
2.85sI kind of like Brian's name. Stewie.
2.13sThat's a wonderful name, Brian.
2.95sStewie. Hi, Stewie.
1.99sYou did it, Brian. I've got to say,
1.4sI didn't think you were gonna be able to pull it off,
1.6sbut you did it.
1.77sYou saved my life.
2.89sAnd for that, I shall be forever grateful.
3.45sHey, I couldn't imagine life without you, buddy.
2.95sYou know, I forgot what a man cave I had in Lois' uterus.
2.07sWhile I was waiting for you, I was shooting pool.
2.6sHad to hold the cue at weird angles, but still.