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2.17sWasn't it obvious what would happen?
1.03sYeah, Leela.
2.17sWe're all very disappointed in you.
2.37sI should fire you three right now.
1.68sBut I'm just not that cold-hearted.
0.98sYou're all fired.
2.52sGood-bye, friends. I'll miss you.
1.78sGood riddance to them.
2.77sNow Zoidberg is the popular one.
2.84sYes, yes, let's all talk to Zoidberg.
1.33sSo, Zoidberg... what's new?
2.67sOh, you know--
2.64sWhat are we supposed to do for money?
2.52sAll I've got is my Frequent Taffy Eater's card...
1.38smy first mustache...
5.05sand this picture of me and my old girlfriend Michelle, and that ski instructor she was just friends with.
1.13sPardon me, brother.
2.6sCare to donate to the Anti-Mugging You fund?
1.13sWe don't need to beg, Bender.
1.92sFor God's sake, we're not veterans.
1.57sWell, what do you suggest?