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1.48sI won! I'm the new chief!
2.67sI'm the tallest and I weigh the most!
1.54sHand it over, you giant idiot.
1.95sHey, Butch, your mom's here.
1.17sAw, man.
1.05sCome on, kids!
1.35sYou're lAte For Hebrew School!
1.83sI don't wanna go.
2.67sEvery Monday and Wednesday, it's the same thing.
3.5sI find this postapocalyptic wasteland very confusing.
1.77sSeriously, I'm weirded out.
1.93sThat's because you're a loser.
4.7sYou were a loser in the year 2000 and you're a loser in the year 4000.
2.7sYeah, but in the year 3000 I had it all:
4.2sseveral friends, a low-paying job a bed in a robot's closet.
1.13sI envied no man.
1.87sBut you wrecked everything.
3.07sQuit standing up for yourself, Fry.
5.19sWhen we get back to the hole, we are going to have a long, boring talk about our relationship.
2.14sOh, yeah?! Well, listen to this!