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4.25sThese muffin-huffin' batter biddies can smell weakness a mile away.
1.28sWeakness named Marge.
2.72sWhy can't everyone just play fair and...
3.1sDid you just dunk your hair in my mixing bowl?
1.7sYou're weak. Weak.
1.07sListen here, Simpson.
3.04sYour son has been exposing our kids to adult themes,
4.2sunabashed dictionaries and the lesser short fiction of John Cheever.
2.29sAdult themes? What are you talking about?
3.14sMy Roddy told a joke about an octopus and a set of bagpipes.
2.38sAnd the punch line implied that they fornicated.
1.77sRalphie wants to go on the pill.
1.08sStupid Bart.
5s(CHUCKLING) Bagpipes getting down with an octopus, that's classic.