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3.57s(INDISTINCT) Turns out he's choking on a peanut.
2.1sWell, punch to the gut cleared that right up.
3.64s(KIDS LAUGHING) Hey, Bart. Me and Mrs. Krabappel,
3.1swe're gonna go play some backgammon, if you know what I mean.
1.48sI don't. But I hope you win.
1.08sOh, he's gonna win.
3sSome guys like a challenge, not me.
2.07sLadies and gentlemen. Before we begin,
4.79slet us introduce Auntie Ovenfresh 1954.
4.69sRibbons and trophies are no comfort on your deathbed.
6.04sAuntie Ovenfresh. (CHUCKLING) And now, chefs. Start your kitchens.