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4.57sSaturday night at the top of the ladder. Be there or be square.
2.57s(INDISTINCT CHATTERING) I want to be a triangle.
1.3sYou're not invited.
5.94sIt's gonna be weird cooking without your tipsy father grabbing me from behind. But I think I'm up to it.
1.92sWelcome to the Ovenfresh Bakeoff.
4.4sI'm Billy Bouillon Cube. Follow me to your oven station.
1.75sWhy thank you, Billy.
2.19sDon't look at my human eyes.
1.6sOh, don't mind Billy.
4.95sHis oven light's on but nothing's cooking. (CHUCKLES) So, what you making, Marge?
5.72sWell, Stuart, I'm making a dessert that looks like a hotdog but it isn't.
2.37sYou're making a tasty fake?
3.25s(CHUCKLES) That is so '90s.
2.77sWhy don't we all move to Seattle and use slow modems?