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3.07s"Thank you for applying to the Ovenfresh Bakeoff.
3.94s"Every year many wonderful cooks fail to qualify.
3.99s(SIGHS) "But screw them, you're in. Congratulations."
1.47sOh, my God.
3.89sSomeone somewhere says I'm better than someone else.
2.13sI'm proud of you, honey.
5.62s(CRYING) Sorry, Ralphie. The bakeoff rejected your recipe.
1.8sI want to be in the bakeoff.
1.37sThere, there.
2.73sI think your grilled crayon sandwich was delicious.
2.1sYou only had a pretend bite.
1.93sNo. I'm eating it, look.
1.68sCan you taste the thumbtacks?
1.6sAw, crap.
6.76sI'm here live at the annual Ovenfresh Bakeoff brought to you by the Ovenfresh Flour family of products. Including...