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3.5sI guess it would be a hoot to have my face on everything.
2.77sOh, Mrs. Simpson, you must pursue your dreams,
3.54slike my old dream of coming to America and starting a family.
4.74sOr my new dream of ditching my family and sneaking back to India in disguise.
2.02sApu? Never heard of him.
2.02sMy name is Steve Barnes.
2.9sSo, when do they start singing?
4.35sWell, the Playdude Advisor says this music will get a stewardess to give you a layover.
3.45sI hope it's in Omaha. My grammy lives there.
2.4sMARGE: Bart, can you come in here for a second?
3.1sYour mother is about to show us her new recipe.
3.14sOutta sight. Lay it on me, Mama.
1.43sIn the Ovenfresh Bakeoff,
3.17sclever presentation is as important as taste.
3.44sSo, I'm entering my dessert dogs.
3.44sIt's deep-fried cookie dough with meringue buns,