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3.35sI agree with my fellow Cornell alumnus.
1.38sHuzzah for Marge.
1.63sALL: Huzzah.
3.52sAnd how about a huzzah for my husband who paid for our new kitchen?
2.89sMarge, you know, I thought I was Springfield's wing-ding king.
2.85sBut you make my chicken look like cock-a-diddily doo doo.
1.75sGreat stuff, Ned.
2.3sYou know, I was gonna enter this here Ovenfresh Bakeoff.
3.27sBut up against you, I wouldn't have a Hindu's chance in heaven.
5.2sIf you win, Ovenfresh Industries will make you the new face of Auntie Ovenfresh.
3.2sCome on, Marge. It's either you or...
3.5sI guess it would be a hoot to have my face on everything.