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1.67sThanks for taking the job.
3sI'm sorry my husband is being so difficult.
1.25sGet lost, crook.
1.37sThat's all right, Mrs. Simpson.
6.31sMany husbands feel emasculated when their wife must turn to a professional to satisfy her remodeling needs.
1.33sWhy don't you just kiss her?
3.57sI'm gay. But I have a subcontractor that does that sort of thing for me.
2.43sI like to kiss.
5.17s(KISSING) Now, don't you worry. Your kitchen will be done in three weeks.
3.84sWhen Virginia Woolf wrote, "Every woman needs a room of one's own,"
2.9sshe must have been talking about the kitchen.
2.02sWhat's the first thing you're gonna make in your new kitchen?
1.5sHow about cooking up some money
4.1sbecause this stupid kitchen cost $100,000. (CRYING)
2.3sI was thinking of chicken wings.