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1.65sMILHOUSE: Ciao, Bella.
3.07sThe grownups in this magazine are pretty cool.
2.37sBART: I could make the tree house look like this.
2.4sThen we could have orgies, whatever they are.
1.9sWe'll be Playdude Playmates.
2.35sBOTH: We are Playdude Playmates.
2.35sWe are Playdude Playmates.
2.64sThere it is, nice and smooth.
1.9sI'd like to see your boyfriend,
1.94sthe contractor, do a better job.
3.15sI think you used too much plaster.
1.43s(SNORTS) Now you tell me.
1.5sI never stopped telling you.
2.79sSo, that's what that white noise was.
2.89sI'm calling a contractor.
1.67sThanks for taking the job.
3sI'm sorry my husband is being so difficult.
1.25sGet lost, crook.
1.37sThat's all right, Mrs. Simpson.
6.31sMany husbands feel emasculated when their wife must turn to a professional to satisfy her remodeling needs.