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3.29sDOn't I get a lick? Doesn't Gil get a lick?
0.38sSimpson, Homer J.
2.94sHey, put in a good word for ol' Gil, would ya?
3.6sMr. Simpson, this government computer can process over nine tax returns per day.
2.4sDid you really think you could fool it?
3.65sNo, sir. I'm really sorry, sir. An older boy told me to do it.
2.22sYou're looking at five years, minimum.
2.77sNo, sir. Please, I can't go to prison.
4.27sThey pee in a cup and throw it on you! I saw it in a movie.
3.8sYou won't be seeing any prison movies where you're going-- prison!
3.14sNo, please! I'll do anything.
2.25sAnything? Well, that's a start.
1.68sAgent johnson, F.B.I.
4.34sI'm very happy to meet you. From now on, you're gonna work for us.
2.47sOkay, but could you pay me under the table?
2.7sI got a little tax problem.