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2.75sFirst of all, he's not a genius. He's an actor.
2.69sAnd second: he's not much of an actor.
2.2sYou're lying. You're lying!
4.22sNo, this is lying: that was a well-plotted piece of non-claptrap...
1.6sthat never made me retch.
2.03sHe was so cruel.
2.07sThe things he said--
1.67sthey're just not true.
2.47sThere, There.
0.8sThe wedding's off.
2.24sFiddle-dee-dee. Tomorrow's another day.
1.1sBart, stop that!
1.79sNo, he's right.
1.37sWe're a package.
2.83sLove me, love MacGyver.
1.59sI guess the wedding's off.
2.57sSelma, I don't know what to say.
1.72sjust tell me like MacGyver.
1.2sVery well.
3.02sI-- I--
3.04sI can't do it! Even that car chase seemed tacked on.