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2.34sDriver, here's Fin. Get me home, and don't spare the whip.
2.73sWhatever you say, mum.
2.19sWhat did I miss?
2.82sMacGyver was wearing a tank top.
2.05sBut I'm the only man in your life.
1.5sSit down and shut up!
2.65sSeÑor MacGyver, you saved our village.
1.82sDon't thank me.
2.75sThank the moon's gravitational pull.
2.8sThat MacGyver's a genius.
2.75sFirst of all, he's not a genius. He's an actor.
2.69sAnd second: he's not much of an actor.
2.2sYou're lying. You're lying!
4.22sNo, this is lying: that was a well-plotted piece of non-claptrap...
1.6sthat never made me retch.