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2.7sKrustelah, there's an old friend backstage...
1.73swho wants to say hello.
0.39sHuh? What?
1.83sI can't believe it!
3.85sThey've been feuding for years.
2.1sCome here, you.
2.07s- Oh, you old clown, you. - I missed you.
2.64sThis guy is a national treasure.
3.4sThat jerk I got to replace you, he isn't fit to hold your slide whistle.
2.12sAll I can be is myself.
3.72sKrusty, can you ever forgive me for putting you in jail?
3.4sIf they open the books on this telethon I'm right back in there.
3.25sThat Sideshow Bob is a no-good show biz phony.
2.07sCome on, Bart.
3.8sIf Krusty can find it in his heart to forgive him surely you can too.
1.82soh, krusty, I can't tell you...
2.8sHow much I missed this. Ha-ha!